Student Spotlight: Megan

When Megan joined JAG-K in 7th grade, she was struggling with behaviors that were keeping her from success at school and at home. She had made some bad decisions that were leading her down the wrong road.

At the end of last year, she had a transformation and has turned things around. Megan says, “What helped me make these big changes? A lot of things. But JAG-K was a big part of it; it’s impacted me a lot. Whenever we volunteer places, like with the homeless, I learn a lot. I got to talk with the homeless people about their stories. The people we encountered shared their life stories and what they did when they were younger, and those were the same things I was doing, too. I feel like I got to see where I could have been if I were still making bad choices. I didn’t want to go down that path. It was an eye-opening experience.

“In JAG-K, I get to learn how to be an adult. Like, I’ve learned how to get a job and how to talk to people on the phone. I’ve learned how to lead big projects. I liked the PBL (Project Based Learning) we did this year where we taught the new JAG-K 7th graders about this class. We decided to make a play. I liked it because we all got to work together, and Ms. Hand didn’t have to tell us what to do. We got to choose everything we did, and she just helped keep us on track. I like that we get a say in what we learn and how we learn it.”

Megan is now an 8th grade JAG-K student and was elected JAG-K President by her peers. As Megan said in her campaign video, “I can be a really good role model. I had made bad decisions in the past that I’m pretty sure a lot of you know about. But while I’m leading myself, I can lead all of us to be a better people, to have a better future, and to see our bigger goals.”