News Release: JAG-K Alum Shares Her International Adventures with Programs Across Kansas

Jobs for America’s Graduates-Kansas (JAG-K) doesn’t just prepare students for careers after high school. It helps open a world of possibilities.

Mego Londeen was a shy, small town girl who found joy watching internet programs – particularly dance classes – from around the world. It was an escape for a student who wasn’t sure where she fit.

That is, until a JAG-K Career Specialist helped her study some unique careers that matched her interests.

“I was watching and learning dance moves from a Korean YouTube dance program,” Londeen said. “That led me to start watching Korean dramas, pop culture, some history. There wasn’t much opportunity at my high school to study anything international.

The 2018 graduate of Kingman High School found guidance and a place to excel in JAG-K during her junior and senior years. The school’s Career Specialist, Brittany Esposito, guided Londeen on how to turn her interests in dance, social media, and world cultures into a college degree and career.

“I believed JAG-K could help me prepare for life after high school as I was very unsure what that life looked like. I enjoyed learning soft skills and the atmosphere of support within the program,” Londeen said. “My specialist paid attention and supported what I enjoyed, so I kind of came alive in her classroom.

“I decided to run for president of our Career Association my senior year. I didn’t think anyone would listen to me, but my peers voted for me. Then I became the president of our region, and that was a welcome shock to me.”

Through Esposito’s guidance, Londeen followed her interests in foreign cultures, dance and communications to the University of Kansas. She graduated with degrees in East Asian Languages & Cultures, as well as in Strategic Communications, as well as a minor in Dance. During her time in college, she took advantaged of scholarships to study abroad in South Korea twice.

Upon graduation, Londeen became Outreach Coordinator for the Center for East Asian Studies at the University of Kansas. The center’s mission is to disseminate knowledge about East Asia to audiences within the Great Plains region.

Founded in 1959, the Center is funded by a Department of Education Title VI grant to serve as a National Resource Center with a mission of increasing knowledge of East Asian histories, languages, cultures, and current events in the region and beyond. (Learn more about CEAS on its FacebookInstagram, or monthly newsletter.)

In her position, Londeen has been allowed to make presentations to six JAG-K programs across Kansas, including her alma mater, Kingman High School.

“I want to show students that they can succeed in their interests and those interests can even have global opportunities,” Londeen said. “JAG-K helps students find their passions and believe in themselves. There are so many amazing opportunities out there, and JAG-K students can access them.”

Kansas’ 112 JAG-K programs serve approximately 6,000 students in 47 school districts across the state. JAG-K Career Specialists help students graduate and learn career, leadership, and life skills by executing a nationally-accredited, evidence-based model. Participants must meet criteria to be selected for the program and have potential to overcome various barriers to post-secondary success.

The 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization is a state affiliate of the national JAG program network which operates in 38 different states and territories. It is primarily funded through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families block grant to the State of Kansas administered by the Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF). In addition to school districts and DCF, JAG-K partners with the Kansas Department of Education. Other JAG-K funding sources include ADM, AT&T, EagleU, Evergy, Goldstein Charitable Trust, the JB and Anne Hodgdon Foundation, John Deere, the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, the Kansas City Royals Foundation, Kansas Gas Service, the Kansas Insurance Department, the Kansas State Bank Commissioner, Kohl’s, Synchrony Financial, the Taco Bell Foundation, the City of Topeka, United Way of Kaw Valley, United Way of the Plains, U.S. Bank and Walmart.

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