Success Outcomes

Success Outcomes

Data-Based Results of Student Success

JAG-K has exceeded national standards in the top five measured success categories since the class of 2014. State affiliates that exceed national standards are awarded for their excellence each year at the JAG National Training Seminar Conference.

The proven outcomes of student success continue to highlight the benefits that a JAG-K program brings to a school. Evidence-based programs can put students who face multiple barriers to success back on the right track to graduation and beyond. JAG-K ensures that students are prepared to enter the real world, no matter their path after graduation.  

Computerized tracking of participants served, services delivered and performance results (graduation rate, positive outcomes, rates, aggregate employment rate, full-time job rate, full-time placement rate, further education rate, wages, and return to school rate) is a critical component of every JAG program.

The average investment is approximately $1,500 per student per year. The administrative costs of JAG-K are less than nine percent of the total budget.

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