Success Stories

"I can thank JAG for helping prepare me for my future."

Chrishayla Adams was elected JAG-K statewide student president, won the JAG NSLA public speaking competition in 2020, and was named to a juvenile justice advisory board by the governor of Kansas. She credits JAG-K for much of her success:

"JAG has helpd me come out of my shell and not be afraid to be myself. I've developed so many skills and traits that will help me as I continue to progress in my future."

News Release: Student Adopted from Foster Care Assumes Role of JAG-K Student President

Russell-Unger shared in a video presentation to the JAG national staff his experiences in foster care.
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Success Story: Tionna

Tionna came to the Pittsburg High School JAG as a freshman angry and always ready to start a rebellion.
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Success Story: Courtland

Courtland’s attendance in fall of 2020 was spotty at best. He wasn't interested in remote-learning, and was bored with his school subjects. By the end of the semester, he had essentially dropped out.
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