News Release: Student Journalist Hayden Brown Reports on JAG-K Day at the Capitol Event

By Hayden Brown, senior, Hiawatha High School, Feb. 12, 2024

On February 7, I was one of the 400 JAG-K students and staff who visited the state Capitol. This allowed students who have leadership positions in their local JAG-K chapter to experience seeing what the Capitol has to offer. This can be ranging from visiting Kansas senators and representatives to seeing the whole of Topeka at the top of the dome.

I am the Region 2 Vice President. I was able to go to this event, as well as get recognized for my position. With this position, I was given the opportunity to meet with multiple senators and representatives. This allowed me to see how people can get involved and be a part of major aspects of the state. I was able to meet Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of Commerce David Toland and speak to him about what he wants to do with the state of Kansas. 

JAG-K is a good way to help people evolve in their skills. With my position, I was able to meet so many people and expand my social skills. In addition to Toland, I met with Rep. Vic Miller, Sen. Larry Alley, and Speaker of the House Daniel Hawkins to discuss how JAG-K has changed people, such as myself. My personal change has been massive, as I have changed from being a quiet student who did not do much to being in a high-ranking position.

Students who try to be the best get the opportunity to go to the Kansas Capitol. Students get the chance to meet new people and get to do fun activities as well. I was able to go up into the Capitol dome, which led to one of the best experiences of the event. In addition to the dome, I was able to go on a tour of the Capitol to see almost everything that you can. Overall, this event was fun and I wish everyone could get the opportunity to visit the Capitol.