News Release: JAG-K Student Leader Appointed to Juvenile Justice Advisory Group by Gov. Kelly

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly recently appointed Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG-K) statewide student president Chrishayla Adams to the Kansas Advisory Group for Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

A senior at Topeka High School, Adams has served as the statewide student leader of the evidence-based program that helps students prepare for post-secondary education and employment opportunities. There are 78 programs in schools across Kansas, serving more than 4,200 students.

Gov. Kelly is a member of the Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) National Board. Her announcement of the appointment stated that the purpose of the advisory group is to determine, advocate for, and promote the best interests of juveniles in Kansas. The group reviews juvenile justice policy, advises policymakers on issues affecting the juvenile justice system, and strives to keep Kansas in compliance with the federal JJDPA act.

(See Gov. Kelly’s media release of appointees)

“I want to be able to make a change to the system we have in place and be able to speak for the youth that aren’t able to do that for themselves,” said Adams, who plans to major in criminology with a major in African American studies in college.

Adams met Gov. Kelly in November in a virtual presentation of a national award – the 5 of 5 Award – from JAG.

 “I feel really honored that I was appointed for this position,” Adams said. “I want to thank everyone who has helped me get here and say this is just the beginning.”

“I think that this is a fantastic opportunity for any student who is fortunate enough to be considered for such a prestigious opportunity, and Chrishayla is a great fit for this board,” said Teresa Leslie-Canty, JAG-K Career Specialist at Topeka High School.

“This will give Chrishayla the ability to network and meet people that can possibly assist her in her future endeavors,” Leslie-Canty said. “She will gain insight into how the juvenile justice commission works, and it’s purpose.”

Earlier this month, Adams claimed first place in a national Public Speaking competition held as part of the virtual National Student Leadership Association convention.

“Chrishayla can provide a voice from not only a teen’s perspective but also as a young, African-American lady,” Leslie-Canty said. “Many times, people of color and students are left out of some of the most important decision making that actually impacts them. Chrishayla is a young, gifted and black young lady with much to offer the world.”