News Release: Hutchinson High JAG-K Student Works Custodial Job for School

At the end of last school year, Hutchinson High School student Ethan Crabbs hoped to find a summer job. He saw a posting for night custodians at the high school. Having been an active participant in Jobs for America’s Graduates-Kansas (JAG-K) since junior high, Crabbs felt ready for the responsibility of this position.

With some support from Hutchinson High School career specialist Marcus Moeder, Crabbs submitted his resume and a cover letter, then interviewed for the position. He got the job!

“I felt thrilled and proud when I found out I got the job,” the Hutchinson High School senior said. “My experience of being in JAG-K paid off.”

During the final few weeks of his junior year, Crabbs began working after school on weekdays for the custodial crew. He continued working in the position throughout the summer. He helped prepare the building for the upcoming school year. He enjoyed it so much he has continued working evenings as a custodian during his senior year.

“It’s a good place to work and I enjoy working with my hands,” Crabbs said. “I had prior experience as a hotel custodian. Keeping this job while in school requires a lot of time management as well as a strong work ethic. I have also learned that people rely on others to be successful and stay safe.”

Moeder said he was proud of Crabbs for being willing to work in a demanding job while also keeping up with school.

“Ethan is demonstrating to the other JAG-K students that hard work and determination can be extremely rewarding,” Moeder said. “He is a leader in the JAG-K classroom. He never hesitates to volunteer for community service events, and he always participates in JAG-K activities.”

The high school senior is currently enrolled in a collision repair course through Hutchinson Community College, for which he is receiving dual credit. He said his goal after he completes his education is to work in an autobody shop focusing on collision repair and refinishing.

“JAG-K has taught me more than I could ask for,” Crabbs said. “The knowledge and experience have helped me plan for my future.”