McPherson High School JAG-K students visit Statehouse

McPherson Sentinel, Feb. 12, 2022 – click to view original article

On Thursday, four students from McPherson High School visited the Kansas State Capitol in Topeka as part of the Jobs for America’s Graduates-Kansas ( JAG-K) program. Below is a synopsis of the trip’s significance from Katelyn Loecker:

Among more than 300 JAG-K participants from programs across the state, four from McPherson High School visited the Kansas Statehouse as part of the JAG-K Day at the Capitol celebration on Feb. 10.

The McPherson High School students toured the Capitol building and learned about how they can prepare to make their mark in the workplace after graduation.

Students from JAG-K programs across the state met with their local legislators and invited them to visit their schools. Meeting with legislators helps JAG-K students understand how government works and connects the lawmakers to the program at the local level.

Statewide-elected student leaders of JAG-K were recognized on the floor of the House and Senate. State Career Association officers also met with Gov. Laura Kelly. Kelly signed a proclamation designating Feb. 10 as “JAG-K Day at the Capitol.”

“Civic awareness and leadership development are two important aspects of the JAG model, and JAG-K Day at the Capitol is the perfect teaching event for those two competencies,” JAG-K President/CEO Chuck Knapp said. “The Kansas Legislature and Governor Kelly have been strong supporters of JAG-K, and this is an excellent opportunity for our students to thank them, encourage their continued involvement, and to learn about Kansas government at the same time.”

Katelyn Loecker, Career Specialist at McPherson High School, said the experience was one the students will remember. To see so many JAG-K students from across the state and learn about the bipartisan support JAG-K receives was motivating and inspiring.

Marion Malone, Vice President of the McPherson JAG-K program, enjoyed his experience attending the capitol building. He said, “It was a surprisingly fun day. I learned how they carry out the voting process during the House of Representatives meeting. My favorite part was going up to the top of the capitol building.”