Kansas State Treasurer visits with Topeka students to discuss how to pay for school

WIBW-TV, Oct. 7, 2021 – Read the story and watch the video as originally published

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Kansas State Treasurer Lynn Rogers visited with Topeka students on Thursday to discuss how to pay for post-secondary education.

Kansas State Treasurer Lynn Rogers said he visited Topeka High School on Thursday, Oct. 7, to discuss opportunities with students in the Jobs for America’s Graduates Kansas program. He said the visit is part of a statewide tour that started earlier in October. The tour is in partnership with JAG-K and he plans to visit all 79 programs to encourage students to keep following their dreams after graduation.

“JAG-K is a great program that allows students to explore career paths and provides them with additional support until they graduate high school,” said Rogers. “We want to encourage these students to keep going and to achieve their dreams.”

On his visit to schools, Rogers said he shares information with students about the Learning Quest 529 Savings accounts, the Sallie Mae ScholarShop search engine and answers to questions about saving for the next educational step.

Rogers said JAG-K is a nonprofit partnering with public schools to offer an elective class for students in grades 7-12 to provide academic support to help students earn diplomas and transition into post-secondary school, the military or directly into the workforce with marketable skills. He said students are chosen if they identify with at least five of the barriers to success recognized by JAG National standards.

“I think part of it is the cost,” Rogers said. “You know COVID has been a part of it as well, but we are concerned that… we want to make it as affordable for kids as we can. It’s an expensive cost.”

So far, Rogers said he has visited with students in Wichita Northwest, Augusta, Winfield, Arkansas City and Topeka with more visits planned.

Rogers said students can find up to 6 million different scholarships totaling $30 billion in available assistance.