JAG-K Students Celebrated for Accomplishments

Hiawatha World, Nov. 3, 2022 – Click to read the original article

On Tuesday night, Hiawatha JAG-K students were celebrated for their amazing accomplishments in the program.

JAG-K is a non-profit that partners with public schools to offer an elective class that provides academic and other support to ensure students successfully graduate high school. In the elective class, students explore career opportunities, practice employability skills, communication skills and many other skills that prepare them for post-secondary education, military service, or the workforce.

This year’s I & I (Initiation and Installation) Ceremony was held at the high school auditorium for JAG-K students and 1-2 of their invited guests.

The purpose of the I & I Ceremony is to, “To recognize the student’s commitment to the JAG-K organization and their commitment to making a successful path for themselves and their future,” according to Ms. Griswold.