HHS Jag-K students visit the Capitol

Hiawatha World, March 8, 2022 – click to read the original article

On Feb. 10, JAG-K officers– Braydon Griswold, Karin Moorhous, Sheridan Jones, and Tatum Vaughan — from Hiawatha High School JAG-K Program gathered at the state Capitol as Gov. Laura Kelley proclaimed Feb. 10 as JAG-K Day in Kansas.

JAG-K, for those that don’t know, is a program that partners with Kansas public high schools to place a program specialist in the school for small classes throughout the school day. Students are screened and accepted into the program based on different factors.

The JAG-K program follows a framework of 87 units that cover a variety of leadership, employability skills and more importantly life skills —which Moorhous says is her favorite part of the program.

“We learn things such as how to maintain a good credit score, how mortgage loans work, public speaking– important things high schoolers need to know when they go out into the world,” she said.

Moorhous continued on about the opportunities JAG-K has given her.

“Going to the capital and being part of the proclamation put things in perspective,” she said. “Without the JAG-K program, I don’t know that I’d have the opportunity to be in the Governor’s office and watch her endorse this program that many students need.”

Since its inception at Hiawatha High School in the fall of 2020, the JAG-K program has continued to grow in numbers – from 45 to 60 members and to create many opportunities for students. Gov. Laura Kelly is proposing a $3.5 million state allocation for JAG-K to expand to dozens more high schools in the coming years.