Topeka organization cites creativity and expression as vital tools in youth development

WIBW-TV, May 26, 2023 – Click to view video

Expressing creativity is one of the greatest tools youth have in their development.

That’s what one Topeka organization believes. Creative Pathways and Means held an event Friday allowing young people to express their own creativity in a comfortable environment. They were also able to hear directly from local artists, and break out into sessions to explore the creative process for themselves.

Creative Pathways and Means says getting kids to express themselves creatively pushes them to be their best and keeps them engaged with their interests.

“Kids are very creative, but sometimes the systems that we use do not push out more creativity,” SJ Hazim, Creative Pathways and Means Co-Founder, said. “So, we wanted to actually get into this whole space to where it’s just about helping them create and authentically express themselves.”

Creative Pathways and Means serves youth enrolled in the JAG-K program.

“JAG-K’s mission is to prepare students for successful futures. Being able to deal with adversity and to communicate effectively are tools we all need, and today’s event provided that and much more,” stated Chuck Knapp, President and CEO, JAG-K.

Representatives from the National Alliance on Mental Illness were also in attendance.