Success Story: Tionna

Tionna came to the Pittsburg High School JAG as a freshman angry and always ready to start a rebellion. Tionna is incredibly intelligent and has always maintained good grades with ease. This only increased her boredom at school causing her to be a constant distraction, leading to a lot of disciplinary issues.

The Career Specialist at Pittsburg High School made a specific point to spend several one-on-one sessions with Tionna discussing her potential and how to direct her energy and passion. The specialist encouraged Tionna to use her leadership qualities for good, and not tanking herself and everyone around her.

Tionna is now a junior and has almost made it a full year without a discipline referral! JAG has helped Tionna learn that your voice is an instrument. She has learned how to use her voice correctly to be heard when truly needed, and not just to fight over anything and everything. She has matured so much and is eager to do big things. Tionna is now serving as student aide to the Career Specialist. She takes great pride in being a leader to the underclassmen in that hour and helping with any tasks given to her. She currently plans to become a dentist or dental hygienist.