Success Story: Courtland

Courtland’s attendance in fall of 2020 was spotty at best. He wasn’t interested in remote-learning, and was bored with his school subjects. By the end of the semester, he had essentially dropped out. Despite being unable to meet in person due to the pandemic, Courtland’s JAG-K Career Specialist continued to reach out to him by phone after he stopped participating in classes. After receiving encouragement from his mother, teachers at Wichita Heights and the Career Specialist, Courtland decided to resume participation in classes at Wichita Heights during the spring semester.  

Courtland took the initiative to reach out to teachers for an opportunity to complete missing assignments to improve his grades. He has taken a high degree of interest in JAG-K. He feels the job-readiness program will be most beneficial for him after high school. He participates regularly in class, volunteers to present to his peers and engages with guest speakers who visit the JAG-K virtual classroom. He created a resume and practices job interview technique. Courtland is completing online courses to earn credits necessary for graduation. The JAG-K Career Specialist meets with him one-on-one each week to monitor his progress. He is now very engaged with his academics and is leaning on the JAG-K program as a support system.