Student Spotlight: Autumn

Newton High School sophomore Autumn has gone nowhere but up since joining the school JAG-K 9/10 program in August of 2019.  Last year, Autumn used her intelligence and tenacity to work her way out of her special education classes and off of her IEP! While she appreciates the support from all who care about her, she was determined to succeed in general education classes. And she has! She ended the year with a 3.714 GPA and is doing great in 2020-21.

Autumn was proud to tell her JAG-K Career Specialist that this summer she utilized her resume and interview skills to land a job at Newton’s local Italian restaurant, Genova’s.  Autumn provides excellent customer service as she cleans tables, delivers water and drinks, and interacts with the customers.

One way Autumn has practiced her people-skills is through community service efforts. Last year, she helped at the United Way Chili Cook-Off and with USD 373 Adaptive PE activities. Autumn was thrilled to hear that JAG-K 9/10 is partnering again with that program, and has helped implement an obstacle course for the adaptive PE students. She always encourages the students to do their best as they are having fun.

With Career Association elections approaching, Autumn will run for an office again. Last year she was Freshman Class Representative. When asked if she was going to run for a position, Autumn replied, “Of course! Somebody’s got to step up and be a leader!”

That’s Autumn!