RHS JAG-K Organization Builds Marketing Campaign, Discusses Stress Management

KSRL Radio Station, May 5, 2022 – click to see original post, which includes audio

Russell High School’s Jobs for America’s Graduates-Kansas, or JAG-K, organization worked in April to build a marketing campaign to promote JAG-K and what the program is about.

Students divided into groups and each group built their own part of the marketing campaign. The JAG-K students presented their campaign to students during their advisory period, hosted a networking event, and provided information to middle school students and parents as well.

RHS JAG-K Career Specialist Raina Tomlinson talked about the campaign recently on the KRSL Morning Show.

JAG-K students also participated in a stress management and self-care unit that discussed the stresses they might face in the workplace.

JAG-K is a 501(c)3 organization that prepares students for successful futures. The goal is to help students facing various barriers to success, overcome those barriers, graduate from high school and get on a successful career path.

JAG-K is an in-school, elective class that is taught by a trained JAG-K Career Specialist. Specialists develop community relationships to help provide internships, job shadowing opportunities, guest speakers, college and business visits, and other career and leadership development opportunities.

JAG-K is a state affiliate of the national JAG program network, which operates in 35 different states and territories.