JAG-K Launches Fundraising Campaign to Cap FY 2022

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As we close out the 2022 school year, we assess the challenges and successes of the past year and look ahead to a more normal school experience in 2022-2023.  

Having the ability to hold in-person JAG-K events was a blessing after facing the challenges of virtual learning during the pandemic. We know that social interaction is important for JAG-K students as they work to overcome the barriers they were already facing before the pandemic.  

Our Career Specialists utilize the JAG Model of instruction, which includes delivery of Trauma-Informed Care to strengthen students’ mental health and resiliency. An important part of this is helping them connect with other students through leadership enrichment events held throughout the year.  

JAG-K events give students the opportunity to hear motivating speakers, learn new ideas from workshops, demonstrate their skills through competition, and interact with adult leaders and potential employers. Beyond the programmed activities, these events offer JAG-K students life experiences many would otherwise lack. In some cases, the students who participate in these events experience traveling outside of their own zip code for the first time in their lives.  

Investment in these events has a transformative effect on the lives of our students. Please consider helping a student attend one of the three major student enrichment events we hold during the year:  

Leadership Development Conference (Oct)
JAG-K Day at the Capitol (Feb)
Career Development Conference Competitions (Feb-May)

See below various options to support our students’ attendance at one of these events:

$100 – Supports 1 student

$500 – Supports 5 students

$1,000 – Supports 10 students

$2,500 – Supports 25 students

$5,000 – Supports 50 students

$10,000 – Supports 100 students

$15,000 – Supports 150 students

$2,500 – Sends a JAG-K State Student Officer to the National Leadership Academy held annually in Washington, D.C.

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