Jobs for America’s Graduates – Kansas (JAG-K) partners with students facingĀ multiple barriers to high school graduation to help them graduate and get on a successful career path. JAG-K provides a career specialist in an elective class as part of the regular school schedule. The specialist works with students on developing career and leadership skills to reach their full potential and positive outcomes. While graduation is the first goal, JAG-K is also preparing students for successful post-secondary careers, either through college, vocational training, military service or directly into the workforce with marketable skills. JAG-K has helped schools increase graduation rates by working with many students who, in the past, may not have been able to succeed in the classroom and set out on a path of disappointment and underachievement. In a feature unique to this program, JAG-K follows students beyond graduation to monitor and assist themĀ in gaining employment or entering post-secondary educational opportunities.

The JAG In-School Model

  • Serves freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors in a classroom setting (classroom instruction) with either an Alternative Education or Multi-Year program.
  • Serves sixth, seventh, and eighth graders in a classroom setting with the Middle School program.
  • Focuses on graduation, career exploration and planning, and development of employability skills (competency-based curriculum).
  • Serves students identified as at-risk of not graduating and addresses their barriers.
  • Includes adult mentoring, advisement and support.
  • Includes student-led leadership development.
  • Utilizes 12-month follow-up services monitoring job and post-secondary education placement.
  • Develops summer employment training and opportunities.
  • Utilizes an accountability system through own data and independent review.