News reports are full of stories about how tough it can be for young people to find jobs in today’s economic environment.  The opportunities that many of us enjoyed right out of high school or college simply aren’t as available as they once were, making it tough for young people to find jobs and get a strong start early in life.  JAG-K helps mitigate that challenge for its participants, not only by teaching students valuable work skills, but also by helping them start making connections early – even before they graduate – with potential employers and job creators.  While many students leave high school and college and then start trying to make connections with those who have jobs to offer, our students start making those connections even before they leave high school and that gives them a real leg up when it comes to getting a job post-graduation.
Nationally, JAG has established a goal of having an 80 percent“positive outcomes” result for students who go through the program.  A positive outcome is defined as one in which the student is able to a) go on to college or technical school; b) launch a military career or c) find employment.  In Kansas, we are very pleased that more than 84 percent of our students achieve a positive outcome at the end of their affiliation with JAG.  What does that mean for you and for society at large?  It means that our graduates become immediate contributors to society, to the business sector, and to their local communities.   Whereas JAG has set a national goal of 60 percent employment post-graduation for students who go through the program, here in Kansas 71 percent of our graduates go right on to find employment after graduation.