Beyond academics, the JAG program helps struggling students develop real-world job skills that empower them to go out into the workforce a step ahead of other high school graduates.  By working closely with partners in the local business community, we help JAG-K program participants identify personal strengths and areas of interest and then to develop work skills that complement those strengths and interests.  If, for example, we find a student who is interested in cars and is mechanically inclined, we may pair that student up with a local business that helps him or her take their interests and develop them into real skills that simply cannot be picked up by reading a textbook.
By teaching valuable job skills that local businesses are already seeking, we provide each student with an edge when they go out into the work force.  Not only are they able to point potential employers to their academic success and the fact that they graduated, but they are able to offer those potential employers job skills and talents that their peers have yet to learn.  That’s a tremendous value-add for both the student and the potential employer and sets our graduates up to find and develop a long-term fulfilling career.

Our partnership with DreamJobbing is a new way we are connecting students with the business community. Student video profiles are available for prospective employers to review and perhaps mentor their next best employee!