The first priority of JAG-Kansas is to come alongside students who are struggling in school to assist them academically and, more than that, provide them with the care and attention they may need to improve their academic performance.  The end goal, of course, is to help students graduate —  to get that diploma – so that they are prepared to enter the work force and become productive members of society.  Our approach, which features both in-school assistance and out-of-school assistance for struggling students, achieves resounding success.
On the national level, graduation rates for all high school students hover around 85% – 86%.  Jobs for America’s Graduates has set a nationwide goal of a 90% graduation rate for JAG program participants – exceeding the overall high school graduation rates.  Here in Kansas, we are proud that our program participants have achieved a 91% graduation rate, besting both the national goal established by JAG and the high school graduation rate for non-JAG students.
The JAG-K graduation rate is something of which we can be proud, but, more importantly, it reflects an accomplishment for which many of our students can be proud. Several JAG-K students were at risk of not graduating, and through their efforts and the JAG-K program, they realized a dream that seemed unreachable at one time.