JAG-K is a unique program in that it follows and provides support for the student beyond graduation from high school.  We aren’t satisfied to simply help students graduate and then leave them on their own to find their way onward in life.  We provide ongoing support in helping them a) get into college or technical school; b) launch a career in the military; or c) find employment.  Throughout the program, JAG-K specialists act as the cheerleaders the majority of these youth have never had, helping them see and face life differently.  This allows students to change their attitudes about themselves and gives them hope for the future.
The program not only focuses on helping students academically and in providing them job skills, but it helps them develop personally and socially so that behavioral or personal challenges they may have struggled with in the past are mitigated and they become young men and women who are much happier with themselves and with those around them.
The result is that our students bond on a deep level with their specialists and the program.  We provide them with an opportunity to get plugged into the organization by joining the JAG Career Association.  Nationally, JAG leaders have set a goal of a 90 percent participation rate in the JAG Career Association by program participants.  In Kansas, 100 percent of our students  are active in the JAG Career Association.
Since the program was launched in Kansas in 2013, we are serving thousands of students in 62 programs in 29 school districts.  JAG-Kansas is literally changing lives, changing futures and positively impacting local communities by investing in young men and women who are facing numerous challenges.